Summary: The High Cost Of School Uniforms

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Anna Derner Mrs. Nohrenberg Advanced English I 03\27\2015 The Fight for Self Expression Today uniforms certainly provide a safe, healthy learning environment. However, school uniforms are a violation of students’ right to free expression (Forster). Some schools have jumped to the conclusion that making students wear uniforms will help them focus on learning, not on what other people are wearing. School administrators claim that uniforms have a positive effect on students and teachers. The general public is not convinced by this. Through evidence-based grounds, warrants based on logos, and the way the author refutes the other point of view, the article, “The High Cost of School Uniforms” proves to its readers through effective argumentation that uniforms do not work.…show more content…
One such fact shows that uniforms are counterproductive (Forster). First, as I stated, they are a violation of students’ rights to free expression (Forster). Second, school administrators and teachers do not have the authority to tell any student what he or she can and cannot wear. Finally, school uniforms can cost a lot of money for some parents. Furthermore, studies have shown that uniforms limit visual and individual expression (Forster). People reading “The High Cost of School Uniforms” would be convinced by these facts because it’s their children having to wear uniforms and their money having to be spent. Through warrants based on logos, readers can conclude why the facts mean the author’s claim is true. Through logos, readers are able to decipher that uniforms are not actually helping schools at all. When facts state that uniforms do not provide social or economic equality, logic tells parents that uniforms are ineffective (Forster). After learning that uniforms do not allow kids to show their personality, school administrators will wonder why their schools are still having kids wear

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