Psychological Profiling: How Do You Become A Psychological Profiling

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Psychological profiling is often times known better as Criminal Profiling. Criminal investigators develop profiles for violent criminals, such as murders, rapists and serial killers. What is a profile you may ask? A profile is basically trying to understand someone more such as understanding their mannerisms and realizing what threats they exhibit to society. The next question, how do you become a Psychological profiler? There are not many people who do this job, but the ones that do are generally FBI special agents. Most work in Quantico in the National Analysis of Violent Crime. A Psychological profiler, as stated before, develop profiles for criminals. This is an example of what a psychological profiler doesn’t look into, pretend you…show more content…
Other jobs of Psychological profilers include managing cases, and showing law enforcement how to better understand criminals. Managing large cases is often done by a profiler because they have the ability to understand what the criminal is doing more than an average detective or police officer. They are able to do this because many times one profiler spends many time looking, or researching, one person’s behavior and common movements, this makes them able to have a larger case because they will be able to ‘specialize’ in it. Psychological profilers teach law enforcement agencies how to identify criminal behavior. This is very important that law enforcement can identify what a criminal is most likely to do next. For example, if you had a person suspected of being involved in a series of murders, or rapes, law enforcement could call in a Psychological profiler to attempt to put together a profile for this said person. This is beneficial because humans are creatures of habit and when you have done one thing many times, you are likely to do it again. These profiles are used by law…show more content…
Most often time they work at major, well-known, Universities and colleges. Occasionally you see full-time profilers that do not work for the FBI but this is uncommon because rarely are there full-time Psychological profilers that don’t work for the FBI. Psychological profiling is almost seen more as a part-time job if you participate in it rather than a full-time job. Another common job of Psychological profilers is to investigate cold cases. Cold cases are cases that were from many years ago, commonly murder cases, that were never solved. The reason they do this is because they are often times good at finding ‘holes’ in cases. A hole is something looked over by previous investigators but can often time be a major piece to a puzzle. Some ‘holes’ are seen too when the technology was not efficient enough to convict someone of that crime, so the detectives had to wait until more advanced technology became available. When a psychological profiler takes on a case it is not an easy task. It often times involves interviews, and reading many police reports. Some people that may be interviewed are family, friends and witnesses to the case, these are most common because these are the people most familiarized with the person, or

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