Ronald Regan

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When looking at the past presidents, people are always able to pick and choose what they liked or disliked about a president’s term. In particular, when researching about Ronald Regan’s term in office, it came to my attention that he changed economics into what it is today. This change came with the backbone of innovation and the fact that research for developing new ideas or technology is the key to a successful economic future. According to Regan during his term, if the country did not progress and figure out new ways to develop, then he as a president failed to serve his country. This is the reason why Regan had the policy to fund tehse universities and businesses, which in fact stastically created a successful economy. Before going into depth about the significance of Regan’s new policies, one should understand the economy that Regan inherited when going into office. In the year of 1980, which was the year Regan was elected, Jimmy Carter…show more content…
Heike describes the beliefs of the administration as, “Universities are not only centers for higher education but also engines of innovation and centers for regional economic growth and employment creation”(306). What this means is that Regan realized universities were focusing too much on a great education and should pay more attention into creativity and the development of new ideas. As the President, he wanted to give institutions the responsibility for developing these changes, which he decided to aid with different programs. Due to this chang in public policy, Regan allowed for the United States to be where it is today, which is a powerful country. If Regan did not allow universities to have more autonmy or he did not decentralize policy-making, then the United States would not be in this great position within the economically globally connected

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