How Did Britain Use Propaganda

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Propaganda is the dissemination of ideas intended to convince people to think and act in a particular way for a purpose. Propaganda was used widely by Britain during World War I. Britain used propaganda to convince their people if Germany was bad, so that their people will be motivated to join their army to defeat Germany. During World War I, propaganda influenced the ideas of people and society greatly, the propagandists of Britain had lots of methods to influence people using propaganda, and in result propaganda took many forms in media. Britain leaders used propaganda in media to brainwash the society. Propaganda was used to influence not only the people in the society but also people who have a great influence to the society such as politicians and journalists. Propaganda was used to increase the tension between the Britain individuals and Germany. It was to have many young men to join the army and fight against Germany and to convince people if Britain…show more content…
This organization began to utilize propaganda in the end of 1914 by promoting information about the war according to the government’s view. There were also other organizations which utilized propaganda which were the Neutral Press Committee and the Foreign Office News Department. The Neutral Press Committee was directed by G.H. Mair. Its task was to provide the press of countries which didn’t side with any of the countries of the information of the war. The Foreign Office News Department was the source of the foreign press of the official statements about British policy. As there are many propaganda organizations, it resulted in unsynchronized information and news. To solve this, the organizations were centralized in the Foreign Office. Soon after, this caused criticism mostly by the War Office about the Foreign Office having too much control of propaganda. The propaganda system was again reorganized after David Lloyd George became the prime

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