How The Nazis Made Anti-Semitism Respectable Analysis

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Never forget. Never forgive Claudia Koonz mentioned in her speech “How the Nazis Made Anti-Semitism Respectable”, tries to explain this question from a multiple angle and different aspects. She divided her speech on the basic time line: ①1933~1934(when Nazi party gather power and prepare to raise up) ② 1933~1939(during this period, how Nazi manipulate the public opinion) ③the war year as an ending part. During this 80 minutes speech she tells us lots of things we may never noticed and thought about. And she cuts from a small slice and looks deep inside, then dig lots juicy resources to share with us. What’s more, she provides a brand-new angle to look into the Nazi’s action. Why Nazi did this and how they did it, and what is the final result. Although the UN published its human rights announcement in 1948 says that: All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reasons and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. But there may be some twist when German applies this word into reality back then. It is the definition of other; clearly, the Jews are rule out of this category. The Germany doesn’t see Jews as people like them. We may wonder how that happened, why people can allow 6 million indent Jews killed in their country. Why people can treat their own brotherhood…show more content…
First they twist the fact and use the modern technique advices to help them to do the ideology propaganda. If there are any critics they let people think other country’s critics are just envy. Then the Nazi Party focused on developing economy and gave lots of benefits to people to get support. Last but not least, they build Hitler as a fierce leader, which his followers should admire. The Nazi Party tries every means they can to make a disgusting thing look decent and respectable. And they did it, the best public relationship

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