James Bond Propaganda

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The exploitation of media, by analysing the influence the films of James Bond had by Hollywood, has allowed for messages of propaganda to be conveyed throughout the Cold War. As a result of the exploitation, movements such as “The Red Scare” and McCarthyism began, which increased patriotism, pitted the Western world against any form of Communism and heightened a fear for the expansion of the USSR. Media was an attempt to appeal to the general public on the threat of Communism. Films such as “From Russia with Love”, “Dr. No”, “The Spy who loved me” and “On Her Majesty’s secret” are based on events that occurred during the Cold War and show strong resemblance to events such as the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962, the Treaty of Friendship in 1960…show more content…
Hollywood exploited events throughout the Cold War. Hollywood exploited the events of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 and produced “From Russia with Love”, and this “film demonstrated all the traits of a quintessential propaganda movie” (Source K). Depicting the Bond character as the “idealistic Cold War hero” (Source K). The Bond character was aimed at winning the favour amongst people in the West, and became portrayed as a hero or protector of the ‘free world’. As a result Western audiences began to believe the idea of the USA being a superpower, not only increasing patriotism but tensions with the East were now becoming belligerent political confrontations. Showing that Bond films bore close resemblance to events throughout the Cold War, these films allowed for facts to be twisted or omitted that would put the Western world and its policy of Capitalism in a superior position, dominating the Soviet Union. Films like these abused “anti-Soviet sentiment[s] of the age and played a significant role in reinforcing the western media’s depiction of the “evil communist empire”” (Source L). Media depicted the Communist regime as “waiting to pounce on any weakness or division shown by the US or its allies.” (Source L). Motivating the American people and other NATO countries to develop economically and socially and unite in order to ensure that the Soviet Union do not abuse any sign of weakness shown by the West to expand further. Comparing the plots of James Bond films to international events in the Cold War, it becomes evident that media was exploited and that Bond films were intended to drive propaganda aiming to spread a general feeling of fear and hatred towards the Soviet
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