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Why did English people travel to an unknown land to acquire power? When something is unknown, our human tendencies tells us that it could be dangerous. Even though English colonists thought that traveling to the new world was dangerous, they still did it. Over the period of exploration, a few people died on their journey to the new world. On the several failed and successful colonies, many English people died fighting for colonization. Why? In this paper, I will explore the reasons for British colonization in the New World. I will examine the Popham and Roanoke colonies in depth and I will describe the reasons for their failure. Ultimately, I will address the differences between Jamestown the first successful British colony and the failed colonies.…show more content…
These motives varied from being directly profitable for England or indirectly benefiting from it. First, one of the ways England made people interested in the voyage was propaganda. These propaganda mainly targeted businessmen who did not know what to do with their money and were looking for an investment. Second, the goods that they could find in these new territories varied from gold to lumber. But the key point was that they did not know what they could find therefore the excitement for the voyage was greater, this was used as another mean of propaganda. Third, the desire of superior England to not have to import from other countries to attain the goods that they needed. They thought that if they found the resources necessary in the new world, they could cut trading relationships with other nations. The first explorers that traveled to the colonies realized that Jamestown was an extensive forest with many trees. This was seen as a treasure. Back in the day, boats were the only mean of transportation and boats were made of wood which comes from trees. Hakluyt emphasizes that the need for England to colonize was mainly to attain the wood from the many trees found in

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