How Did Australia Affect America

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World War 2 had a massive impact on almost all of the countries around the world, bringing some together in alliances and tearing others apart with betrayal. Some other relationships were only intensified and amplified by the outcomes and events of World War 2. Australia experienced being both torn apart and brought together with two of the most powerful nations in the world, Britain and the United States of America. This was done with the damaging of the relationship with Britain and the formation of an unbreakable, military relationship with the United States of America. Many events and decisions caused this to happen, especially in forming the new Australia-America alliance. The first Australian World War 2 Prime minister, Robert Menzies declared the Australian community into the Second World War in 1939 to support the British Empire and its allies. Before the war, the…show more content…
John Curtin, the second Australian Prime minister elected during the war, called upon the United States for their assistance, after Singapore’s capture, for help with fighting against the Japanese. With many successful battles, Australia and the United States of America military held off almost all invasive forces in Australia. Once the war was finally over and the Axis forces had been stopped, Australia, the United States and New Zealand signed the ANZUS Treaty to confirm the new military alliance that still defends and benefits Australia today. Even before World War 2, products imported from America were still easily found throughout Australian stores and homes. Some of these include Coca-Cola, Sunbeam and Heinz. However, even though the trading relationship between Australia and the United States was strong and successful, their military relationship was almost

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