Griffin Vs Minotaur

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Throughout history, there have been hundreds to maybe even thousands of myths or legends told all over the world. Although, they were most common in the ancient times such as of the Greek long, long time ago. As time goes on, more explanations to these myths and legends surface and thus making the world seem less and less interesting. Coming on to around present time, there are more of them being made up, some to explain major or minor events, some may be things that someone think they saw, maybe to give you a good spook, or just to give you something to interest yourself in so you don’t remain bored while camping. There are many well-known mythological creatures from the Ancient times of Greek and or times of the Greek gods, but the one that…show more content…
Well the Griffin had a couple other forms that could’ve consisted of one animal difference or an extra animal part, but the half lion and half eagle was the most common. They are also most common in Egypt before 3300 BCE, even much before that (it was believed the Griffin originated from many other places such as Russia, Ethiopia, India, and or Asia.) Both the Griffin and the Minotaur aren’t too different, but the Griffin is actually considered good compared to the bad reputation for the Minotaur, for it was of good use. Its claws were used as cups that are able to show when there is poison present in the drink. It was also of good supply for riches, from having its nest made of gold and has eggs that resemble agates to guarding hidden treasures for a living which were mainly emeralds because of the Griffin’s connection with the Holy Grail. Other than that, there is nothing else really special about besides it being a pretty darn cool looking bird-lion creature that can be rode into…show more content…
It had a lethal venom that had the power to turn a man into stone much like how Medusa could turn a man into stone by looking straight into their eyes. The Basilisk, or the king of the snakes, has the head and legs of a rooster, snake tail, body like a bird’s, and scaled wings. It was also known as “Regulus”, or little king, because of the three spikes on its forehead that looks like a crown and for its reputation of terrorizing all other creatures, and maybe what also brought upon that name was for its small size of nothing more than 12 inches tall. Much like the Loch Ness Monster, the Basilisk has 3 forms that all reside in the desert areas of Africa because of their venomous breathe that can turn any landscape into a desert, the golden, the evil-eyed, and the sanguineness Basilisk. It was said that killing either one of these forms without skin contact can still be a death for you. If a man were to kill a Basilisk with a spear while on horseback, the venom would travel up the spear to where your hand makes contact with it, infect you then infect the horse, so in other words, the venom was very contagious. Though there is one animal that is able to kill it without really being affected, that is a mongoose. Even if the Basilisk were to be completely erased, there is still a

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