Hotel Industry In Rwanda

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Hotel industry in Rwanda experiences challenges in increase of cost in form of high distribution costs, stock out costs and poor information sharing. The increase of cost affects the performance in terms of providing high quality of service delivery. This is due to the poor transportation, inventory control, planning and forecasting customer demand. In the same view of the last line, the effect of strategic supply chain management practices on performance of hotel industry in Rwanda is analysed, where a qualitative and quantitative approach is used for the primary data collection within the questionnaires at Serena Hotel Company limited. To establish relationship between research variables frequency, mean and standard deviation were employed…show more content…
Strategic Supply Chain Management assists hotel managers in breaking down the operations and understand the supply and demand side of their business better, in order to save time, energy and in turn generate profit. Hotel industry both big and small is now focusing on effective Supply Chain Management in order to provide efficient services to their customers. Meaning that they have to offer the quality service at the right time and cost to their customers in order to increase sales volume and increase profitability accordingly since profitability and cost cutting is the major objective of any corporate organization. The research focused on how supply chain management practices on performance of Serena Hotel Kigali Rwanda. The Serena group of companies is collection of resorts, safari lodges and hotels spans which evocative and exotic in service delivery. The Serena Group comprises a collection of 32 luxury resorts, safari lodges and hotels, which are located in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Mozambique) and Southern Asia (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tajikistan). The Serena service profile guarantees unprecedented luxury, extensive amenities and unrivalled warmth of personal…show more content…
To ensure the accuracy of the information, the profiles of respondents were considered. The gender; male: 56.67%, female: 43.33%, age; 30.0%:31 – 40 years, 16.67%: 21 – 30 years and 26.67%: 41-50 years and 51 years, educational level; 56.67%: first degree holders, 23.33% advanced level certificate holder, 13.33% masters holders and 6.67% professional certificate holders and experience; 30.06%:3-4years, 26.67%:2-3years, 16.67%:5 years and

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