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Caring for your Parakeet Bird Parakeets, or Budgies, as they’re nicknamed, are wonderful pets and quite hardy to raise and very easily tamed. They need some hands on nevertheless and until you are well versed in parakeet bird care, they may present you a couple of small difficulties. Parakeet bird care isn’t rocket science by any means, but they do take some additional touches, just like any other pet. They’re very colourful birds, which could explain one reason why they’re so popular. Straightforward to care for, the parakeet is a particularly hardy bird, lively, frolicsome and they’re extraordinarily entertaining. FOOD: You budgies eating habits ought to be a seed mix that has been fortified with vitamins. It should usually contain canary seed, millet, and some larger seed such as oat groats. Whilst some seeds come with a lot of extra additions like as veggies or dehydrated fruits, in reality, it is often hard to have your parakeet to every of these. Do maintain away from any kind seed that seems to be colored using artificial means. Purchase seeds that use normal ingredients, or if colored that use normal colorants like as beet juice for your parakeet bird care. Seeds can become prone to a parasite known as a seed moth, when it gets a little older. If this happens discard it and purchase new…show more content…
You should let your parakeet out of his cage to fly every day. Start out slowly, because a bird that’s been caged for a long time will be very weak in the beginning and have difficulties flying. Take his cage into a little room, like as a bathroom, and open the door to his cage. He’ll eventually get out and try to fly. There are going to be some crashes and frustration, but in the small room like as a bathroom, you won’t have to worry about him obtaining stuck behind a bookcase. Following a week or so, he should be in flight–shape and then you are able to start letting him out to fly in larger

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