Procurement Process In The Philippines

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Procurement as defined by one of the government websites is the “acquisition of appropriate goods and/or services at the best possible price to meet the needs of the purchaser in terms of quality and quantity, time and location. The procurement process usually begins to the event that where the people who are working in the government need to convey a specific goal, and the process will basically conclude when they bought products have been used completely delivered and the supplier is or has already been paid in full. Procurement as defined by Pimentel in his book “refers to the acquisition of goods, consultation services, and the contracting for infrastructure projects the procuring entity. Procurement shall include the lease of goods and…show more content…
They do not have to do this for themselves because there happened to be a group that is tasked to help them especially in preparing the necessary things like documents and more. And that group is called the TWG or the Technical Working Group, the group is tasked to prepare the necessary things like the preparation of the bidding documents and more to pave the way for the BAC and the bidders. Some things that are tasked to the TWG are to prepare the approved budget for the contract, providing instruction to the bidders and provide the eligibility requirements. Then, interested contractors and bidders are now invited. This process is called the “invitation to bid”. But before the invitation to bid happens, the BAC is required to hold a “pre-procurement conference”, the pre-procurement conference must be held on each and every type of procurement. But what will happen in a pre-procurement conference? The conference will weigh up the readiness of the procurement in terms of confirming the certification of the availability of funds which will be aided with the help from the budget officer and his…show more content…
The said eligibility required that are passed in the BAC shall be certified by the prospective bidder’s representative by an act of oath, this is done in order to certify the correctness of the statements that are made and of course the originality of the documents that they have submitted. However, a potential bidder may also submit his eligibility requirements through email or any other electronic means of submitting it. Provided that, he himself or his representative will still make an oath later in order to still certify the truth and the originality of the documents that are submitted. In our case, there are only two bidders. The abstract of bids can be seen below on figure 2. Figure

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