Differences Between Western Animation And European Animation

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Difference between Western European Animation and Eastern European Animation By: Nurfarain Binti Sabarudin Animation has been part of the world for a very long time. Use of animation is becoming more popular each day. Animation can be used for different purpose such as advertisement and education, but it’s mainly used for entertainment. Lot of short stories and film has been created using animation. Most successful animation companies usually come from United State. For example Pixar, which has produce some of the most box-office films which include WALL-E, Toy Story and Inside Out. Animation companies from Japan also not left behind in producing high-quality animation and becoming more popular nowadays. Other than United Stated and Japan, Europe also produces several good quality animations. Because of the Iron Curtain was formed in World War II, Europe has separated into two areas. The two areas are Western Europe and Eastern Europe. The Western Europe consists country of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and United Kingdom. Eastern Europe consists country of Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Poland, and Soviet Russia. The separation of European continent also affected on the animation industry. There are distinct differences between Eastern and Western European animation. In the beginning,…show more content…
British animation focused more on stop-motion and story based on problems faced with current situation. While Folklore story was popular in Russian animation and the technique use was dark and conceptual. Despite the hardship during world war animation industry in Europe still keep on living and improving from time to time. Nowadays, many European featured films had broken through the foreign market. Even though animation produce from Europe is not as popular as animation produces by America, the quality of their animation still as good as

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