Foulness Island Short Story

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Foulness 1 Segregated from the mainland, Foulness Island held a magnet of tinged menace by the river crouch. Under-funded of infrastructure, a loyal few remained living amongst abandoned decline. To reach the island’s end was a fool’s errand, where uninvited guests tended to disappear without a trace. Myriad Checkpoints encircled by barbed wire fencing acting as fair warning for those wishing to pass. And if you got that far, packs of patrol dogs roamed in the wild scrub. Here a shadowy company operated governed by its own laws of code and ethical choices. Corruption seeped in to the very pores of the island. It would be two hours before the sun rose from a darkened slumber. Dr Strum like many nights before worked straight through in to…show more content…
With orders now clear Milton took the prisoners away as the guards circled round the men with weapons pointing. Always backing each other up Tate and his guards were gruesome, no reprimands of their misconduct ever got reported. Once changed Tate made himself a hot coffee, and decompressed in the front cabin of the truck. Deciding to let off a little steam he pulled a large reefer from the dashboard and turned on AC/DC. He always played High Way to Hell at full volume for entrance music to the unlucky prisoners entering Foulness. How the other half live? Milton wondered as he joined the rest of the party. Excepting the fate of their predicament, the prisoners gave no resistance to the prompting guard’s weapons. Tate eyed the flashlights becoming dimmer with each further step from his witness. Bearing right now, they entered a quagmire of untamed marshland, leaving the pedestrian concrete behind. Shotguns in hand the guards swathed away the phalanx of branches impeding the way. First out the mire, Milton turned towards the prisoners, directing his flashlight on their faces. “Welcome to your new home…show more content…
It’s not as bad as it looks. We will track him by the morning light”. “Captain need I remind you these are very dangerous men, this is your shit storm to clear up, I can explain that one tried to escape but two missing, my balls will be put through the grinder”. Over strums shoulder the returning guards sheepishly came directly towards the captain’s warpath. “I suggest you and your fuck ups go clean up this body and hunt the lost prey.” Tate stubbed out his cigarette as strum shook his head in disbelief at the situation. Not wanting to lose ground on the lost prisoner Tate barked his men in to the trucks, jumping in straight after. Strum leered into Tate’s eyes as the roar of engines coaxed in to action. “, you know the consequences of failure can fall on anyone round here”. Recognising the thinly veiled threat Tate produced his weapon pointing it towards Strums head. “Take my advice Dr When you run with the wolfs sometimes you can get bitten, if you get my meaning”. Signalling to go Tate banged the butt of the shotgun on the front cabin. Visibly shaken Dr Strum watched on as Captained Tate and his band of merry men screeched off in to the

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