Swot Analysis Of Tesla Motors

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TESLA MOTORS’ DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION Ushnik Dasgupta New York University Global Innovation April 26, 2016 ABSTRACT INTRODUCTION Tesla motors is an American automaker and energy storage company co-founded by Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, JB Straubel and…show more content…
COR E COMPETENCIES ⦁ A very low cost and efficient single-speed gearbox mated with continuallyimproving motor-inverter and battery is a core competency of Tesla Motors. ⦁ Tesla's core competency is also from its powertrain technology. So for the rest of the vehicle design and manufacturing, they have contracted those abilities to other automobile companies with those ideals fitted to their expertise. ⦁ Licensing its drive propulsion technology and packaged battery system is anoher core competency for Tesla Motors. STRENGTHS ⦁ Good engineering and technology research capablity. ⦁ Able to raise large amounts of capital - strong venture capitalist relations. ⦁ First company to offer a high quality, all electric exotic sports car. ⦁ Designs and builds many of the components in its vehicles including the power electronics, motor and battery packs. WEAKNESSES ⦁ Company doesn't have much brand recognition among the general public. ⦁ A very small company with small sales volume, thus no economies of scale. ⦁ Possible supply problems with components, especially if demand increases. ⦁ Products haven't been in the market for very long. STRATEGIC

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