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Video poker Guide – How to play Video Poker Video Poker machines have been around since the 70s and are extremely popular among players who like a game of skill and not a pure luck. If you like Poker in general and have enough knowledge about the rules and strategies of winning, it’s one of the most promising game on the market. A lot of people dismiss Video Poker due to the lack of exciting graphics and special effects and it’s true that the games look rather basic. But there are many advantages that Video poker had over let’s say slot games and we’ll look at them in this article. What is Video Poker There are a few different types of Video Poker that have slight differences to their exact rules, but they are all based on the main rules and principles of Poker. You will play at the automatic online gaming console, make your bet and press the “deal” button. After that you receive 5 cards with the ability to exchange 1 or 2 of them for the new ones. Once your final Poker Hand is ready you will get a payout from the machine based on the strength of your poker hand. In Video Poker you are playing against the house Advantages of Video Poker…show more content…
If you stick to the basic rules and strategies and make the right decision, it is probably the only game where the house edge is so low that it might even be in favor of the player. You are much likely to win playing Video Poker than any slot game even with the highest RTP so it is definitely one game to try for sure, but build your basic knowledge and skill base before starting. Another crucial step is choosing the right type of online machine and the suitable kind of Video poker for you. Always check the house edge or alternately the average return to player (RTP) as it can vary from let’s say 96% to even 100% sometimes. You can read our full article on the types of Video Poker available online

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