Toyota Motor Corporation: An Introduction To Toyota

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INTRODUCTION TO TOYOTA Toyota Motor Corporation is an international automobile manufacturing corporation. It headquartered is situated in AICHI, Japan. According to the recent survey, Toyota Company consisted of 3lakh 64thousand and 445 employees worldwide. It had been the fifth-largest company in the world by the rate they are generating revenue. Toyota is counted to be one of the world's largest automobile manufacturers. In 2012, it supply over ten million vehicles annually and become the world’s 1st automobile producer Toyota was the most important listed company in Japan because they have huge market capitalization and have been earning huge revenue. Toyota Motor Corporation also has its subsidiary for the production and sales of Toyota…show more content…
On June 7, 2012, vice chairman of the corporate disclosed that the corporate is aiming to enter the health care sector and its initial hospital would open in province in May…show more content…
In Pre 1983, it was a closed market where growth of market limited by supply and there were outdated models in the market. The market players at that time are Hindustan Motors, Premier, Telco, Ashok Leyland and Mahindra and Mahindra. In 1983-1993, the era was japanisation where Suzuki and government of India joint venture to form Maruti Udyog India Limited. The companies came into joint ventures for the production of commercial vehicles and components. The players at that time are Maruti Udyog, Hindustan Motors, Premier, Telco, Ashok Leyland and Mahindra and Mahindra. In 1993-2007, Delicensing of sector in 1993 take into action. Global majors Original Equipment Manufacturer start assembly in India (Toyota, Ford, Honda, and Hyundai). Import allowed from April 2001, alignment of duty on components and parts to ASEAN levels and also the implementation of Vat took place. In the recent years, it had become the era of globalization and evolution of India as a global manufacturing hub in automobiles industry. This industry in india has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. In India, it is one of the largest industries in the world and fastest growing industry globally. About 91% of the vehicles sold are used by households and only 9%are used for commercial purposes. Top Automobile Players in India

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