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Top 7 Hill Stations In India To Beat The Heat! From the holidays sun has return Let’s take a break ditching the sun To save ourselves from the sunburns… Summer season out of all of the seasons is well famous for two things first is mango and second is holiday. Holidays means all free time to explore the beauty of the world. The all time favorite spots for beating the heat in summers are hill stations. Bringing out such hill stations here are few of them. 1. Ladakh Abode to people of Indo-Aryan or Tibetan origins, Ladakh geographically extends from Kunlun range to Great Himalayas. Ladakh also known as “Little Tibet”; it got the name due to Tibetan culture seen in Ladakh. The two most popular tourist sites in Ladakh are Karakoram Pathway and The great Himalayan ranges. This city of mountains is beautiful and heavenly with a very different culture from the cities. The Saichen Glacier of Karakoram is the longest glacier of the Himalayan Range. When light from the sun falls on this glacier, they shine so bright that the peak seems to be covered in diamonds. This magical site can be once in a life time experience. Adventure sports in Ladakh are quite popular among tourists. Apart from the ranges, some old monasteries in Ladakh have a magnificent view. The ambiance of…show more content…
2. Munnar From the Southwest India, in the state of Kerala their lays a town named Munnar in the Idukki district. In the Kannan Devan Hills of Devikulam, Munnar is the point of convergence of the three rivers, Mudhirapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundaly. Hence the place received its name “Munnar”, which literally means “three rivers”. Situated 1600 meters above sea level, the Munnar hill station is a land of beauty. Munnar, known as “Green Capital of India”, is territory of tea and coffee gardens. The exquisite land surrounded with scenic mountains and pleasant atmosphere; all of it draws us towards the fantasy land which has come

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