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Asian Indian American Culture Have you ever heard Indian music before, seen an Indian work of art, or celebrated an Indian holiday? I have done all of them because I am an Asian Indian American. Asian Indian Americans immigrated in the 1820s from India to America. Asian Indian Americans have contributed to American culture by bringing Indian food to Americans and by introducing a variety of music, arts, and holidays. Indian Americans have many different ways of expressing themselves through arts such as having their own music genre. Many Indians play the same kind of instruments that Americans play such as sitar, drums, violins, and trumpets. Many Asian Indian Americans like to draw designs for henna. One other form of art is architecture, for example, the designs on different Indian buildings like domes or minarets and even some Indian patterned rugs. Asian Indian Americans celebrate many holidays such as Eid-ul-Fitr, Ramadan, Eid-ul-Adha. According to Asian Indian Americans on, “Major…show more content…
According to Asian Indian Americans on, “All Asian Indians eat a variety of dals (lentils), beans, and chaval (rice) dishes” (Tinaz Pavri). When Asian Indian Americans came to America in the end of the nineteenth century American cuisine was transformed because of the blending of the two cultures. In other words, Indian Americans brought their different food spices and recipes with them. A popular drink in America now is called chai, tea, and was inspired by Asian Indians. Other foods brought by Indians include biryani, tandoori chicken, naan, roti, nihari, butter chicken, black eye peas, chole, kheer, halva, curry, samosa, and kebab. Indian cuisine has impacted Americans so much that Americans now sell Indian food products in their grocery stores; for instance, an American can walk into Walmart today and purchase Tandoori naan or Basmati

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