Mali American Family

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Most families around the world are incredibly diverse in culture but have some similar family structures. For example in Mali, Guatemala and India they live in patrilocal families. These remain the majority. Furthermore, in India, family ties are really important. A usual household contains 3 generations of grandparents, parents and children. However, some Indians are moving towards a nuclear family because of great western influence. The western influence is increased trading, more traveling, to and from the west. Adding on to the majority of German families remain nuclear. However more German families are moving towards singular mothers. Whereby in Guatemala are unique in this way by mothers relying heavily on the older children. Families…show more content…
Which each of, are quite unique. However some countries are practically identical. For example Guatemala and Germany, half a world apart but their religions and the majority of their celebrations, the same. Adding on to, both countries celebrate Christmas, Easter, Advent and Day of the kings. Moreover both countries major religion is christianity, however most germans are moving toward no religion. Furthermore, Germany has some unique celebrations of their own. Such as oktoberfest. Oktoberfest is a monthlong celebration with lots of drinking, eating, parades and parties of various types. In contrast to, Mali and India are not connected whatsoever. Some Malian celebrations consist of the birth of the prophet Mohamed. And of his baptism which is called Ramadan. Which is concluded with a religious feast called "Bamana selijinin" or "small feast." Also one of the biggest holidays is on September 22nd. Which is Malian independence day. Which consist of speeches, parties and dancing. Other holidays consist of the overthrow of Moussa Traoré (25 March), Armed Forces Day (January 20), Labor Day (1 May) and Africa Day (25 May). Adding on to Mali, uniquely out of the 4, is the only Muslim country. However, India is the most unique place out of the 4. Again uniquely India is the only country out of the 4 that celebrates the arriving of season. There are a number of Hindu religious festivals. They include Holi, which marks the arrival of spring, and a festival popularly called Diwali, which is celebrated in the fall. During Holi, people sprinkle colored water and powders on one another. Fireworks light up the night during Diwali, which honors several Hindu deities. On the religious side of India 80% of the country is Hindu but the other 20% consist of Muslims, Buddhist, Christians, Jains and Sikhs. The world can be weird. Sometimes countries half-a-world apart are incredibly similar but countries that

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