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1. Concept of armed conflict. Conflict is one of the things that occur with the highest frequency in human’s life. It can be the struggle or the opposition in the needs, interests, thoughts… In daily life, in a definite family, a son can clash with his father only because of the fact that he hates being forced to take care of his younger sister. This is only a small and low level of conflict example. Besides, it can be concluded that conflict is likely to escalate to a higher stage which means for instance, the son above can have a fight against his father. The results absolutely will not be predictable. To a higher scale applying to national level, conflict now becomes strong contradictory motives in development. Also, “the interconnection…show more content…
Inevitably, they seriously consider what is named “a minimum level of intensity” and “minimum of organization”. There is a high sureness that the war happening between these parties will cause an exact number of frequency and loss and that the organization and arrangement inside the forces is undeniable. However, the political purposes or the origin of conflict that can be seen as a whole is not mentioned in the…show more content…
Almost wars and conflicts related to religion and ethnicity are complicated and long-to-tell. Yugoslav war from 1991 to 2001 is an outstanding example. It makes an important point that it is not easy at all to resolve and end the soldierly clashes. The US, EU had put a lot of attempt to gain peace for these Yugoslav countries. Nowadays, there is still a non-ending ideology conflict which is between the US and those are extremist Islam. These extremists whom the US considers as the terrorists wish to bomb the America as destructively as possible. It is not just the normal thought; it is the fire in veins of these Islamic

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