Electrical Inspector Case Study

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I work for an electrical contracting company. A conflict that recently occurred and is often recurring is the failing of electrical inspections and an ensuing disagreement with the inspector over interpretation of the electrical code. In most cases the failed inspections are caused by the failure of our electricians to adhere to, understand, and apply the national electrical code. In these cases we make the necessary corrections and move forward without any conflict. However, sometimes our interpretation of the code is different than the electrical inspector’s. In these cases the project manager and site supervisor get in heated debates with the inspector. I will focus on the most recent conflict we had with the inspector. This had to do…show more content…
I see a very costly and time consuming problem. Correction 1. The local inspector refuses to compromise and change his position on his interpretation of the National Electrical Code (NEC). Corrections 2. The inspector could not see the item required by NEC so he wrote it up as a correction. This was just an oversight and could have happened to anyone. However, our electrician did not check the situation properly and did not do his due diligence to ensure everything was correct. Correction 3. This was a requirement of the code that was never noticed or enforced. We did not know that this requirement would apply in this particular situation. Correction 4. I see the inspector requiring something that does not make technical or practical sense and will cost the customer more money. What are the Specific Symptoms? Correction 1. A bad relationship with the local inspector Correction 2. Inspector not contacting us or looking carefully. Correction 3. This could be the inspector wanting to create a correction or simply realizing that this is a requirement not noticed before. The second part of this is either an oversight by our electrician or…show more content…
Correction 1,2,3,4. A system that does not clearly state what is intended, strict and changing interpretation and a system that does not have a way for the parties to come to a consensus. Step 5: Recommend and Implement a Solution What can you do to prevent the problem from happening again? Correction 1. We do not have to do anything except repeat what we did if it happens again. Correction 2. Inform the inspector of locations of all equipment and/or escort them. Have checklists for our electricians and train them better. Correction 3. Do as we did and make the correction. Correction 4. If it is a simple just fix it, if not try to make the inspector understand your position. How will the solution be implemented? Correction 1. Not needed. Correction 2. It would be extremely costly to escort the inspector, so we will try educating our electricians. We will have bi-weekly meetings where and review code questions and answers. Cover the inspector’s interpretation of the national electrical code. We will be going over all aspects of hot tubs and provide a checklist to make sure all requirement are

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