Striped Pyjamas

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The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas – Media Study The boy in the Striped Pyjamas, directed by Mark Harman is a gripping tale based in a Work Camp during the time of World War II, and respectfully approaches the Holocaust. The plot focuses in on a German family, where the father works for the Nazi party and is offered a promotion, one which he takes. The family are forced to move to the outskirts of the country, where a Work Camp is based for the Jewish people and Bruno, the protaginist of the film, makes a secret friendship with a Jewish boy named Schmuel who is being held captive in the camp. In the film, the friendship between the two blossom and turn into something quite spectacular and heartbreaking, due to the fact neither of the boys understand quite the problems that…show more content…
It grasps the thoughts of each character, and allows their personalities to shine through with their words. Many of the conversations show the real thoughts of those during the war, most notably the lessons between Herr Litsz, Gretel and Bruno. Herr Litsz doesn't seem to be an ordinary tutor, and, from the on screen scenes, hasn't really been teaching them any arithmatic or science, but rather English (or German, it is made unclear as to whether the characters in the film actually speak English, or whether it's just been translated for us to understand) and Moder Studies. Herr Litsz appears to be quite foreful with his lessons, telling Bruno that this is the way it is, and he suggests that Bruno read a book on Adolf Hitler. Gretel, on the other hand, is extremely interested in these lessons and almost worships Herr Litsz whenever he gives her information about the war. These lessons were all part of the propaganda of brainwashing children into believing the ways of the Nazi party, making it easier for the government to train soldiers and easily control their people, without a rebellion
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