INTP Personality Types

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Careers to Avoid for INTP Personality Types People who have the personality type of INTP are another rare group, covering only approximately 3% of the population. This personality type is most similar to the INFP, but their major difference is INTPs aren’t too keen when it comes to the aspect of ‘feelings’. INTP stands for ‘Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, and Perceiving”, and are commonly known as ‘the thinkers’ because they love to work with the abstract and theoretical ideas to solve problems but find the implementation and execution processes to be dull and uninspiring. They are more logical and pragmatic when making decisions, and can be very creative and enthusiastic when tackling new ideas and novel possibilities. However, they would…show more content…
They can have problems with authority or following the norm, and are known to be argumentative and socially awkward. Ideal Work Environment for INTP Personality Types There are certain work environments where the INTP personality can best thrive, feel fulfilled, and attain happiness and satisfaction with their career. Here are some of the 1. It values intelligence. They can thrive in workplaces that allow them to brainstorm, analyze, and exchange intelligent ideas. They will enjoy working for organizations or institutions that appreciate their brilliance and their insights, such as universities and consultancy firms. 2. It allows for independent work. INTPs like to focus when they are throwing ideas around in their mind. They prefer to work alone and independently and to have their own private office or work area in order to be more productive. 3. It is cutting edge and encourages new ideas. Monotony and rigidity can be difficult for INTP personalities to work with. Environments that promote innovation, creativity, and different thinking are ideal for them since they are free to explore and present new…show more content…
They will also be able to identify what underlying factors are affecting the business or economy. Because of these qualities, some say INTPs will make good entrepreneurs. However, managerial tasks also require being talkative, selling yourself and your business, socializing, handling employees and their concerns, as well as adjusting to, managing, and even tolerating different types of personalities and levels of behavior. It requires leadership and people-handling skills, which most INTP individuals run away

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