Universal Themes In The Odyssey

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Throughout the centuries, Odysseus and his adventures never fail to bring entertainment. The Odyssey written by Homer is a timeless piece of beautifully written poetry illustrating action, drama and universal themes in which people of any time period can relate. Stories containing themes such as determination, loyalty and romance remain to be a popular selection. Battles and tragic events such as those featured in the Odyssey have inspired authors throughout history as well as in present times. Homer’s classic epic, featuring Odysseus has entertained people for many generations. Determination, loyalty and endurance are a few of the universal themes included in Homer’s epic the Odyssey featuring Odysseus. A universal theme helps provide insight into life that occurs in many different times and cultures throughout literature. Often times, people use universal themes to relate stories to their own life. After twenty years of being separated from his wife and child, Odysseus…show more content…
While Odysseus is off voyaging the sea, Penelope is at home fighting off suitors. Along with Odysseus’ twenty year absence comes incredulity of his existence. Penelope tries to discourage the suitors in every way possible. At first, she tries to bore them into leaving, but that never happens. An Ancient Gesture is a short poem written by, Edna St. Vincent Millary, inspired by the Odyssey. “. . . You can’t keep weaving all day and undoing it all through the night.” Penelope tells the suitors that once she is done weaving a shroud for Odysseus’ father, she will pick a suitor. Before Odysseus left, he made Penelope promise if he didn’t return by the time Telemachus had a beard, she would marry another. Odysseus returned scarcely before Penelope would have been forced to fulfill that promise. This timeless drama adds yet another stroke of brilliance to Homer’s collection of

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