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The country Russia encompasses one-eighth of our Earth’s surface. The country covers eleven-time zones and is bordered by 14 countries to include Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, North Korea, and China. Russia's wide variety of culture is consistently growing and changing dating back to ancient Russia, 800-1200 A.D, to modern day Russia, 1991-present. A better understanding of Russian culture can be understood by covering their etiquette, customs, how they conduct business, and the composition of their military. This paper will discuss the wide variety of culture that can be found in the country of Russia. The first thing to know about Russia is their local etiquette, language, and customs. These categories can be broken down even further by covering languages spoken, religion, and visiting the home of a Russian. The Russian federation official…show more content…
These things come into account even when doing business and in certain cases could be a key to success. Older Russians are more conservative and prefer to do business in groups due to not growing up in a Capitalist environment. On the contrary, younger Russians tend to be more independent and have more entrepreneur tendencies. All Russians, both young and old, understand and apply business etiquette in every aspect. Men and Women will always wear business suits with polished shoes when conducting business. For women attire, they must ensure their skirts are an appropriate length. All business party members must carry a business card with English on one side and Russian on the other. These cards will include any advanced degrees that they have obtained on their card, for it will impress whoever business is being conducted with in the beginning. To keep these business partners impressed, Russians adhere to the following

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