Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale

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4.7 Sampling technique 138 type 2 diabetics who met the study inclusion criteria and willing to participate in the study were selected. Using computer generated random number; they were randomly allocated into control group or experimental group (69+69). It is done by allocation of participants by randomization schedule and sealed envelope method. Randomization chits were made and were kept in sequentially numbered small envelops. The random schedule was generated through computer for 138 participants. 4.8 Tool of data collection 4.8.1 Tool-I: A brief questionnaire was used to identify the type 2 diabetes. It contains information on age, presence of any co-morbid illness such as diabetes, hypertension, any other medical and psychological…show more content…
Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale is a 15-item self-report scale designed to assess a core characteristic of dispositional mindfulness, namely, open or receptive awareness of and attention to what is taking place in the present on a 6-point scale from almost always, very frequently, somewhat frequently, somewhat infrequently, very infrequently and almost never, scored 1-6 accordingly. Scoring of this tool was done based on the scoring system given in the standardized tool. Scores on the MASS have a direct interpretation: higher scores reflect higher levels of dispositional…show more content…
Participants were asked if they encountered anything that they felt interfered with their practice. Session I: (Day 1). First session of the course consisted of gathering all participants and brief overview about the practice of the coming days. Prior to the first session, the researcher explained the importance of mindfulness based stress reduction therapy and general information about causes and symptoms of stress, and depression. After this, participants were led through; mindfulness of breathing for 20 minutes during which the participants were encouraged to focus on movement of breath as it goes in and comes out .This session lasted for 20-30 minutes. Session II: (Day 2). At the beginning of the second session the participants were guided again through the mindfulness of breathing, after which they were invited to express and share experiences with the mindfulness breathing. After that participants were led through a body scan for 20 minutes during which the participants were encouraged to focus on the physical sensation in different body parts. This session lasted for 20-30

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