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The film Boyz N the Hood directed by John Singleton produced in 1991 encompasses characteristics and themes of hip hop culture. Where, the books Hip Hop America by Nelson George, The Anthology of Rap by Adam Bradley and the Durand lecture encompass aspects that are portrayed in the film. Defining and bringing to a clear understanding the significance of hip hop culture and how it takes place in everyday lives. Demonstrating how deeply rooted this culture has become to be and the importance it has. In the book Hip Hop America by Nelson George we see the portrayal of it in the film Boyz N the Hood by the discussing of how urban life, racism, and violence incorporate into hip hop culture. Since all these pin point what hip hop is trying to get across and acknowledged to the audience. Identifying “the true fabric of daily life that created and sustains hip hop” (George 108). The urban life and violence is seen in the scene where at a local street race gathering due to an argument between Ferris and Ricky shootings start occurring. Racism is seen in the scene where Furious is disrespected by the African American officer who states that “there would be one less nigger in the streets” (Boyz N the Hood) if Furious would have killed him.…show more content…
In the scene where Furious takes Tre and Ricky to Compton to analyze a billboard that is about selling houses and neighbors gather around to hear his speech about how the destroying of black neighborhoods is the cause of the drugs and violence that is occurring and how the whites are the ones responsible. A voice is put on all the African Americans that want a better future, like what rapping is to express yourself. Misogyny is seen in all the scenes where the disrespect of women is viewed like when their called hoes and

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