How Did Boyz N The Hood Influence Society

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Society’s Influence on Young African American Males in “Boyz n the Hood The society is an important factor in the life of young people. A society often helps inculcate the right morals and ethics into a person. The society has a great influence in the people that children tend to emulate (Social Issues Management 45). “Boyz n the Hood” is a film that gives an account of the African American society and its influence on the black males. The youngsters in the film are exposed to a society that is ravaged by poverty that unveils them to harsh realities South Central Los Angeles. At the centre of the film is the influence of the societal interactions and relationships with the young African American males. The audience witnesses the societal influence…show more content…
The African American society within the film has taught its people that the school curriculum has no relevance to the African American students within the country. Consequently, with the understanding of the African American society’s perspectives on education the teachers within the public schools are not keen with the black male students. The teachers within the schools also practice racial teaching, as it is a societal practice that is accepted within the area. However, Tre who is particularly different from other African American boys chooses to question the teacher’s racial…show more content…
The film “Boyz n the Hood” exposes certain aspects of the African American family, which are an effect of the society they live in. The societal issues that are reflected in the different families lead parents to treat their children differently. For instance, Brenda favors her son Ricky over Doughboy because of her family’s economic situation. Brenda hopes that her son Ricky moves up the economic ladders to help his family due to his interest in athletics. The black families within the film lack social and economic opportunities due to the societal practices such as crime, illiteracy, and use of drugs. Most of the African American families within South Central Los Angeles are marked by absent parental figures. Furious does not live within his wife and so has to parent his son alone, and Brenda struggles to raise her two sons alone. Unity in the family is not a priority as the African American society has let its people to grow believing. Disintegration of the family does affect the lives of the African American males as most of them ended up dying due to lack of guidance and poor

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