Kennedy Lamar Fight Club Analysis

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The song I chose is Kendrick Lamar’s Alright. The reason I chose this song is because it has to do with the struggles that the African American community has had to go through for over 200 plus years, most notably during the 1960s in the civil rights era. Lamar starts off the song with “Alls my life I had to fight, nigga Alls my life I… hard times like, “God!” Bad trips like, “Yea!” Nazareth, I’m fucked up homie you fucked up, but if God got us then we gon’ be alright.” He’s basically saying no matter what happens to us as a community be it police, or violence in the streets, or whatever hard times there are everything is going to be alright. In the pre hook he states “Wouldn’t you know we been hurt, been down before Nigga, when our pride was

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