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In the film, Hotel Rwanda, directed by Terry George. Language features such as effective use of camera work and dialogue shaped my response to the main theme of man’s inhumanity to man. Perhaps the most effective scene that portrays this theme if man’s inhumanity to man is the river scene. During the scene, camera work is used in a way which truly exposes the cruelty of the Hutu people and steals the viewer's breath at the same time. During this scene, Paul stops his van as he is worried they might be heading straight into the river. However, as Paul checks out what is happening, he is traumatised in a way that would not be wished upon your worst enemy. Paul trips over and Terry George treats us to a close up shot of a butchered girl from…show more content…
Georges Rutaganda-the leader of the interahamwe militia owns a radio channel where he spreads lies and propaganda about the Tutsi “cockroaches”. He brands them as liars, thieves and murderers, spreading his personal beliefs and feelings all throughout the Hutu people. This gives them the idea that brutally slaughtering millions of these Tutsi people, like they were nothing more than animals, is the morally correct thing to do. This propaganda that is spread throughout the film serves as a catalyst for the fighting and slaughter. Dehumanising the Tutsi people by referring to them as cockroaches creates an aura of disgust that is associated with the Tutsi people. George is well aware of this fact and the two terms become synonymous with each other for the length of the film. The use of dialogue to provoke such a large force of people in such a way can also be related to the events during the holocaust. The leader of Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, was an excellent speaker. He convinced millions of people to follow him and his beliefs. Georges Rutaganda relates to this in many ways. Having the power to control entire armies with just your voice is an incredible gift. However, the way both Hitler and Rutaganda utilised this gift is both shocking and appalling. Terry George’s compelling use of dialogue not only amazes me, it shocks me as well. The way Rutaganda controls the Hutu people like a puppet master personally enthralls me as he is able to make normal people commit dastardly deeds with the snap of his

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