Phantom Blood Dio Brando Comparison

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My precise interest in this essay is to talk about the differences and similarities between Dio Brando, as of his first appearance on Phantom Blood to his last appearance through flashbacks on Stone Ocean. On both parts he is still the same character: a main villain in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. However, people tend to find the later DIO inconsistent when comparing him to Phantom Blood’s Dio Brando. It is true that there are huge differences thanks to character development. Nevertheless, there are also characteristics that remain consistent. I will support those statements focusing on his personality traits, goals and defining relationships. First of all, he goes through a big character growth. In Phantom Blood we are shown a Dio who’s overconfident,…show more content…
Both were a huge impact on Dio, but the course each involvement took is highly contrasting. Undoubtedly, the attachment Dio felt towards Jonathan resonates even after the events of Phantom Blood. Before meeting him, Dio already perceived him as an enemy. But as they keep confronting each other, Dio’s admiration for him starts blossoming, going as far as revering him and getting personally offended when others belittle Jonathan. So even if he was the only man he ever respected to the point of obsessing over him, that wouldn’t deter him from actually murdering Jonathan. Specifically, his whole involvement with the Joestar culminates in Dio’s resolution to literally become one with Jonathan, who he considered his other half. On the contrary, his relationship with Pucci is what actually brings DIO to open up and for the first time, trust another person. Enrico was a necessary component for his plan of attaining “Heaven”, but he manages to catch DIO’s attention and they end up forming a bond perhaps stronger than friendship. Pucci brings out his more level-headed side and his capacity to feel fondness without turning it into violence or obsession. But yet, his relationship ends once again with one of them dead, this time DIO himself. Overall, both are the strongest bonds Dio ever had. One was venomous while the other was healthy, but both of them were

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