Preschool Age Song Analysis

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Preschool Age: Ed Edd and Eddy Theme Song This might sound ridiculous but this song is the real reason behind my inspiration to dance. This was the one song that was exceptionaly long so the only thing I knew how to do was dance to the song. Dance here, dance there, dance everywhere. It was the one thing I enjoyed to do. Because of this, my mom joined me in dance class and I have won 3 medals in competivie dancing since then. If they never invited a theme song this long, I might have never discovered the joy to dancing. Alphabet Song This song is one of the first songs that I learned. I do not know exactly why, but everytime I hear this song, I can picture my preschool teacher. I still sing this song everytime I have to look something up…show more content…
Ever since I was born, both my parents always woke me up exactly at midnight before my birthday. It sort of became a habit for me to pretend to be asleep and try to act suprised when they woke me up. I thought that I was too old for this. It was the day before my 11th birthday and I had the worst day ever. I stared at the clock until it was 12 and my parents haven’t even entered the room yet. They were always on time and incertatnity started creeping up on me. By the time my parents entered the room, I was in tears and looked like a pile of mess. I leaned that this act could be childish but it meant a lot to me. Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song My favortite time in elementary school was coming home, throwing my bag across the room and turning on the TV. My brother and I were almost the same age so we would come home from school at the same time. Every day would be a broken record of me and him fighting over the remote. He always wanted to watch power rangers and I wanted to watch Scooby Doo. Sadly, they both aired at the same time. While fighting over the remote, we accidently switched on nickelodeon. We discovered the amazing world of Spongebob. After that, I do not think we ever fought for the TV. This was finally something we had in…show more content…
Most of my friends will all graduate high school at 17, which is young. None of us had the time to get a part time job. As a result of this we never had the money to go to a lot of places but it worked out in the end, we always knew how to have fun. I would not describe my friends as extremely intelligent when it comes to street thinking. Which shows how dumb they would be if they were ever left on a deserted island. One thing stands out in this song, it is when he says we still have love to give. Although, my friends and I had fights, arguments and conflicts, we always stood up to each other. They taught me what true love is and how I should be treated. Best Friends by Sofi Tukker It was 3 in the morning during the summer vacation and all I could do was think about what my best friend was doing in India. So, I decided to face time her and that was the best desision I made. We talked for hours and hours and when I finally ended the call, it was 8 in the morning. Ever since that night, I turned my entire sleep schedule around so that I could do that everynight. I basically turned nocturnal until she came back. This song perfectly describes how we would do anything for each other and honeslty we were made for each other. Let it

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