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Valarie Jane Morris-Goodall, well known today as Dr.Jane Goodall, was born on April 3rd 1934 in London, England. Dr.Goodall's journey all began with her first study of wild chimpanzees in Tanzania in the year of 1960. Shortly after, she attended Cambridge University to attain a PhD in ethnology ; being one of eight individuals to receive a PhD from Cambridge without a prior college degree at the time. From then on Jane was unstoppable! At a very young age, Jane showed great passion and interest in exploring wildlife. Her two favorite books as a child were Dr.Dolittle and Tarzan. At age 12 she started a nature club called The Alligator Society; as she grew, so did her passion. Upon graduating high school, Jane's parents didn't have the funds to send her to a University. Instead, Jane went to secretary school and worked til she was finally able to make her arrival in Africa at 23. Three years later Jane went on her first wildlife study in Tanzania. With as little as a pair of binoculars and a journal, Dr.Goodall spent two years observing and documenting the behaviors of the chimpanzees on the shores of Gombe. Within that time Dr.Jane Goodall would debunk two major acts about primates that would change the entire field of primatology and even question our definition of homo sapiens. She witnessed…show more content…
As my knowledge grew on the subject , I learned much about Dr.Jane Goodall. At first Dr.Goodall sparked my interest in the studies of primatology, yet later in my life Dr,Goodall turned more into a Role Model and some what of my very own life coach. Although growing up in opposite environments, I was always taught to be realistic and not let "crazy dreams" sidetrack me from a successful future; I always held hope to Jane's own progress and success on her lifelong dreams. Along with Dr,Goodall's career giving me hope and motivation, their lifestyle and views have had a great impact on who i am as a person

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