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For seniors in high school, in addition to figuring out what to wear to prom or how to celebrate the last homecoming game as a high school student, the biggest decision one makes is figuring out what college to attend after graduating in May. For me, it is pretty clear that I want to attend the University of Wisconsin-Madison. After hours of research and multiple personal experiences, I have concluded that the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the college where I want to earn my bachelor degree. For one, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been the college of people who have changed my life. In addition, the University of Wisconsin-Madison has the best program for my major and more than enough opportunities for me to have new experiences.…show more content…
They have always been moments of motivation and growth. One alumna, in particular, Natalie Cook, taught me about the purpose and power of spoken word. Natalie stressed that, as young artists, we have the responsibility to speak out about issues in society that we strongly care about. In addition to teaching me the power of voice, she has also taught me the power of leadership. I have seen her lead a march in retaliation to police brutality; which brought together hundreds of people in my community. Natalie Cook is one of my role models, who I highly revere, and I want to attend the school that she credits her drive to. She has empowered me to use my voice for causes bigger than myself and has given me a new found love for spoken word. As a leader of my peers, I believe that I, just like her, will succeed at such a school of excellence like The University of…show more content…
As an Atlanta native, I rarely venture outside of i285, so the idea of coming into contact with diversity, real winter, and outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding excited me. At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, not only will I be on one of the most beautiful college campuses, but I will also be on one of the most diverse campuses. I will come in contact with students from various states and countries. With over thousands of extracurricular activities, there will never be an idle moment for me. I will take advantage of artistic, creative and social programs that enhance my skills and makes differences benefits the surrounding communities. Furthermore, The University of Wisconsin has a study abroad program that visits various countries such as France, India, and England. I would love to travel, get to meet people of various cultures and become more aware of what is happening

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