Roman Catholics's Fight Against The Protestant Reformation

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During the 16th century, The Roman Catholics were having difficulties defending their faith, against the Protestant Reformation. As The Roman Catholics were struggling on how to maintain their followers and gain more they came up with three ways: fighting,discussions, and creating new societies. The Catholic Church had many battles fighting against the protestant to assert their dominance over the other religions. For example the Thirty Years War, during the first two phases of the Danish phase and the Swedish phase where the war was based more on religion. During the Danish Phase the Catholics were at the height of their power and pushing back the Protestants taking more and more of their land. Unfortunately during the Swedish phase the Swedish King Gustavus Adolphus was able to push back the protestants with their movable cannons. This fight between the Catholic Church and the Protestants shows the power struggle between the Catholic Church and Protestants as they both try to be the top dog. Mary the I(1496-1533) who was the Queen of England tried to bring Catholicism back in England in a very insane method. Mary’s method to bring Catholicism back in England was to murder…show more content…
An example of this would be the Council of Trent which established catholic dogma for the next few centuries. The Council of Trent was called by Pope Paul III to discuss the many problems brought up by many protestant reformers. The Council of Trent affirmed a few things and brought out more knowledge of what the Church does like reaffirming the seven sacraments, transubstantiation, and explaining that the power is equal between scriptures,church traditions, and the church powers . The Church had to evolve if they wanted to continue being part of the present, they had to assure people what the Church still believe in and had to change some things that people dislike and were

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