Elements Of Conflict In Hatchet

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“Circumstances are beyond the control of man, but his conduct is in his own power” by Benjamin Disraeli. This quote is agreeable because one can’t control what happens in the situation, one can control what one does to solve it. A literature the shows the quote is Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. Another literature that shows the quote is The Outsiders by S.E . Hinton. There are many examples that show this is quote and one example is the police. The literature Hatchet shows the quote in the story line.the Literary elements of conflict is used to portray the idea of uncontrollable situations and the adjusting to it. Police are one of the many that show this quote in one's everyday life. Police officers protected against robbers and other bad people. They are connected to the quote because they don’t know what would happen to themselves they just protect the people whatever the cost. One example is at 9/11 they were evacuating people and they helped whoever was injured. They were one of the heroes who risked their lives for someone else. Their choice was their power if they didn’t care many people may have been in danger. Everything would change if there weren’t…show more content…
Brian is a boy that was going to visit his dad for the summer. An example that is connected to the quote is when Brian the protagonist was stuck on a plane in life and death situation. It was because the pilot died from a heart attack and there was no way down and he didn’t know how to fly a plane. He was thinking of a way to get down and he thought of one and it was a hard to do. The idea he thought of was to crash lands in a lake and he did, but he got injured from it. The injuries were one of the conflicts in the story the other one was he was trapped on a island by himself. This example shows the quote because he can’t control what happens when the plane crashes, but he can do what he puts his mind to which was to crash in a

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