Hernán Cortes Analysis

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Lesson 2: Thereby Hangs a Tale Verbs of Sensation and Indefinite Pronouns Can you imagine Hernán Cortes when he first entered Tenochtitlan? I’ll give you some information about the things he probably felt, watched, heard or noticed. Think if the action was completed or not. Then, use the verbs of sensation to report what happened. Follow the example. As he entered the city, he noticed some children following him. Incomplete: He heard the children shouting at him. Complete: He heard an Aztec girl curse him in Nahuatl. 1. He saw a group of Aztecs dancing.____________________________________________________ 2. He saw a group of warriors approach him. _____________________________________________ 3. Cortes felt his soldiers get tense. ________________________________________________________…show more content…
Be quiet! ______________ is coming. 8. I don't think ____________ knows where the gathering will take place. This invitation is confusing. 9. She can't go _____________ without her boyfriend. It’s so annoying! 10. I've got __________ to tell you. You won’t believe it! 11. I was really bored during the weekend. I didn’t do ____________ and I didn’t go __________. 12. Brendan woke up and suddenly. ______________ was making a terrible noise outside. 13. There was soda all over the floor. ____________spilled it and didn’t clean it. 14. There's ______________ really attractive about him. 15. Did _____________ see Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film? 16. ______________ is talking about me, but I don’t know who. 17. I'm sure there is ____________ in the kitchen, call 911! 18. I can't make my point clear. ________________ must understand me! 19. Let's go _______________ different this vacation. 20. The trouble is that there isn’t ______________ I can do for you. Do you sometimes have problems? Why do you ask people for help? Let’s imagine that you have a problem, and you asked your best friend Alan to help you. Fill in the blanks of the following dialog with appropriate information. ALAN: Hi, _________ (your name). What’s the…show more content…
I have to ___________. ALAN: Is there ___________ (thing) I could do to help? YOU: Actually, there’s ______________ (thing) you can do. Could you______________? ALAN: Sure, no problem. But remember that you owe me one. YOU: Don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll find ________ (thing) I can do for you later. ALAN: That’s what friends are for, aren’t

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