Pico Projector Case Study

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Core product: The Optoma PK320 Pico Projector is a portable projector with full featured to serve several purposes for people on the move. Despite its light weight and portability, it still be able to deliver reasonably good image resolution and lighting. Actual product: The Optoma PK320 Projector resembles a mini version of the usual LCD projector and is brown in colour. It can be used either with an AC adapter or running on battery cells. The small power button can be found on the side and the lens are at the edge of one of the longer side. There is a control panel with 7 buttons on top that will light up in blue for seconds when pressed. A remote controller is provided for the user's convenience. There are ports that supports VGA and USB…show more content…
It produces more than 20 different portable projectors. It is one of the very first companies to release a micro projector in November 2008 that was also the first Pico projector, which can function with apple products. Pico projector is more convenient as compared to other types of projectors because of its small size that enables a person to put it into a pocket . It is also able to project a presentation on the go, and is able to playback for more than 2 hours continuously. Functionality wise, the projector is able to connect to most of the common IT mediums such as iphone, ipad, digital camera and more. The demand presentations to be done at anytime and anywhere to people has triggered the idea of the size of projection devices to be made smaller so that people can bring it on the…show more content…
In this stage of product life cycle, Optoma Portable projectors are facing series of challenges. This market has launched decades ago, nowadays diversify brands and models of Portable Projectors are avalible for the consumers due to the paratively matured related technology. The price of the product is generally low and the most of firm will see their profit dropping in this stage because of the decrease in the market shared which is caused by the increasing number is competitors and most of the firms are likely to attact more customer and try to occupied more market share by pulling down their price, furthermore, Optoma Organization need to increase the promotion in this stage to encourage brand switching, which will cause a decrease in their margin as well. The sales volume is high but decreasing for Portable Projectors because it is currently more stick to the decline stage side and another reason for decreasing sales volume is after the maximum point of the sales volume curve, the majority of the consumer that with the demand of the Poratble Projector are already purchased it, so the number of the new consumer will be fewer and fewer, and this caused a decrease in the product distribution because retail shops are not willing to carry a product that with a low demand and

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