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Harvest of Empire was a great book giving personal stories, along with the facts. The book had main points that remained throughout the whole book. It gave me a better understanding of what happened in Latina/os history. The other materials and articles also related to the same key points as Harvest of Empire. Harvest of Empire was a great book to start out the semester to get the main idea of the difficulties Latinas went through. Throughout reading Harvest of Empire, the chapters had a similar theme and key points. The key points of the beginning chapters were that the Puerto Ricans were considered United States citizens, but treated like immigrants. These chapters showed that people had horrible poverty stricken lives in Puerto Rico, and…show more content…
Every article that was assigned with the chapter readings were very relatable and comparable. The readings had the same ideas of how Latina/os were not highly viewed in the United States of America. They were very relatable in the interconnection of gender, race, and ethnicity. The stories were very similar when talking about the personal experiences the Latina/os went through. For example, being denied citizenship, or being undocumented and deported. The Harvest of Empire was an easy read and it could relate to us because not only did the fact give the reader information, but the stories from the immigrants gave us an inside look to migrating to…show more content…
I had an impact from the week one readings of understanding the lives the Latino/as in the United States have. I knew that there was discrimination, but I did not know that is was as bad as it was. I assumed the riots were peaceful and not so violent to cause injuries and even deaths! I think it is unbelievable how many people are discriminated! I cannot imagine being told that you are denied to enter the United States of America. I also do not truly know how blessed I am to live in America because I do not know what it is like to not have freedom. Another point that surprised me was the way families came to America. First some came over and then once they established themselves, more family members traveled to the United States. I was surprised how violent the government was. I wish I could witness how people were treated, just to experience how our world has dramatically changed and there is now equality! I think that the Latina/o ethnicity has a lot of history that most Americans are not educated on and aware of. The author was very successful in carrying the overall purpose of the book. He was very straight to the point with the facts, but had stories to get the point a crossed to his audience. The younger generation should be educated on different ethnic group’s backgrounds and struggles, especially of those groups who live in the United States of

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