Comparison Analysis: The Tripartite Prism And Medea

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The tripartite prism and “Medea” Different from nowadays where the individualism predominates around the world, back in the day in ancient Greece the collectivity was valued more. In our case “Medea” we have another type a friendship, we have the princess Medea which killed her own brother and left her country only to marry Jason, but after a particular time Jason betrayed her by marrying another women, and the revenge caused by Medea was “Crazy”. According to (Larocco) we have two types of revenge first one is spontaneous defense reaction that you immediately response in order to restore the justice, the second type of revenge is more painful, here response does not happen immediately but occurs in longer period when the person wait for the…show more content…
Additionally the other type of revenge is not just restoration but dominance as the author have cited “The aim of such revenge is not social rebalancing per se, but rather to assert or reassert dominance, specifically the revenger’s capability of some form of dominance in relation to the target” (Larocco). Medea used exactly this type of revenge by going so far by killing the princess her father and even her children just to hurt more Jason, we can easily see that anger on Medea when she was asked by the leader why she killed her own sons, she replied “It is the supreme way to hurt my husband” (Larocco). Studies have shown that victims mostly seek for revenge when they perceive that the offender is having better time after “they caused an affective imbalance between the offender and the victim, and so the victim seeks to reduce this imbalance” (Gollwitzer). This was exactly what Medea was feeling, while she was seeing her ex-husband happy with his new wife, and in the meantime she was suffering because she had no place to go, she ran from her father just to be with him. According to Larocco even if it was possible that Jason could had been judged by a court or punished, Medea still would not have been satisfied because at this level of anger that she was having, it would be impossible to…show more content…
She did not wanted to take a simple revenge by trying to restore the order, she wanted to hurt more, and she wanted the advantage against him. Anyway sometimes betrayal can push you to take that type of revenge that you could regret (Tsundue). Medea hurt herself maybe more than Jason by killing as we can see here “Why damage them in trying to hurt their father, and only hurt myself twice over?” (Eurupidies). She was not feeling too upset afterwards maybe because of thinking that Jason was hurt more than her. As we can see that two types of friendship that are based on utility and please will end one day, in the worst case by betraying each other, and sometimes if the victim have put so much trust in that friendship can take an unimagined revenge. Sometimes the victims can even act that they are still your friends such Medea did, but she did only to not look obvious, because on her mind she had that terrible plan of killing innocent

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