Fall Of The Aztec Empire Essay

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The fall of the Aztec empire was caused by various actions and situations in history. First of all, the Spanish colonists brutally took control of the city of Tenochtitlan home of the Aztec people. Secondly, colonists brought diseases the indians had never been exposed to. Finally, the colonists stole their women and enslaved the indians. The great injustice of the Aztecs annihilation was caused by colonists on the date of August, 13, 1521. Some may say the Aztec Indians brought the extinction of their own race on themselves by their overly trusting nature as well as the naivety. However, I do not believe the colonist actions are the cause. Firstly, the extinction of the Aztec Indians can partly be faulted upon The Spaniards. Conquistador Hernan Cortez…show more content…
He implored Diego Velasquez the governor of Cuba to allow him to lead an expedition to Mexico in search of new land to conquer. Velasquez eventually complied however, in the end he changed his mind and cancelled the voyage. Cortez was angry and did not heed Diego’s change of heart instead he departed anyway on February 18, 1519. Once he had arrived in the New World Cortez immediately began to form a plan so that he could legally without Velasquez’s commission explore the New World to fulfill his own wants and desires. In order to do this Cortez made the decision to create his very own settlement called Villa Rica De La Vera Cruz. Along with the settlement a council of his own men were created to “ensure” that Velasquez’s commission had any credibility. Along with ships of goods from the New World he sent back his report about Velasquez. He claimed it was their duty to the crown to colonize The New World and spread Christianity throughout the land of barbaric nonbelievers. The complaints of his men and the talk of returning to Spain did not go unnoticed and Cortez took it upon himself to burn all of his own boats trapping them all there. Hearing about the great city of Tenochtitlan ruled by the

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