Cause And Effect Essay On Black Death

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The existence of the disease, Black Death, spread all over Europe from 1346 to 1953, after the war ships returned from the Black Sea. According to History Today, “The Black Death was an epidemic of bubonic plague, a disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis that circulates among wild rodents where they live in great numbers and density”(2005). Rats that were bitten by fleas carrying this deadly disease were aboard the ships. Once the rats started dying, fleas start occupying the same living area with humans who were ultimately bitten by these deadly fleas and became infected with Black Death. This plague spread rapidly to anyone who came in contact with the disease causing millions of people to die, including animals, thus making…show more content…
They started hating each other, only thinking about saving their own lives. Mothers and fathers abandoned each other, including leaving their children behind knowing that they were going to die. This had to be a terrible thing for the parents not to care enough for their children to try to protect them from this deadly disease. Nevertheless, everyone was looking out for only themselves. For whatever reasons, death was higher in the women and children than it were in men. Black Death had to be a horrible thing for people to think about in Europe knowing that there was no method of escaping from getting this disease, and knowing that death was approaching. This situation in Europe had to have a psychological effect on the population and throughout the existence of Black…show more content…
Also, the church had total control all over Europe. People believed that God can and will deliver them from evil if they kept their faith. Christian also believed in their leaders of the church who were connected to God. Once this outbreak occurred, dishonesty became so widespread, that everyone became less inclined to follow the law of the church. Moreover, when the leaders of the church could not give the followers any explanation why God was not answering their prayers, the church lost their power. This caused the church rapidly to suffer from this unbelievable

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