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Hernan Cortes was born in Medellin Castile, Spain. He was born in the year 1485 and died in December 2, 1547. He died in Castilleja de la Cuesta, Spain and the cause of his death is unknown. Hernan’s parents wanted him to become a lawyer and had even sent him to law school at the age of fourteen years old. His Father was a Spanish captain of the army. He was inspired by Christopher Columbus discoveries of the new world. Hernan Cortes was known for conquering the Aztec Empire. Cortes wanted the gold and the treasures for Spain and he wanted to take it away from the Aztecs.The Emperor Montezuma II did not allow him to take any of their treasures. Cortes wanted to conquer them and the Tlaxcala people had joined him. When Cortes arrived…show more content…
Governor Velazquez had fear that Cortes would become too powerful, so he order Cortes not to go to the expedition.Cortes refused and had sailed to Mexico. In the year 1519 Cortes landed in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. He had eleven ships, five hundred men, horses, and cannons. He met Dona Marina who spoke the Nahuatl language of the Aztec. She helped interpret for Cortes during the expedition. Hernan Cortes had sailed for Spain.Cortes and Diego Velazquez had an expedition to Cuba in 1511.Velazquez conqured Cuba became governor and helped Cortes.Cortes became rich and full of power.In 1518 Cortes was nominated to lead an expedition to Spain.Cortes desired this moment, but Velazquez was worried and order him not to go.Cortes disobey and still lead this expedition for Spain. Cortes had left Spain to look around for fortune.After discovering that Aztec had gold and treasure,he wanted to take it away with them.Emperor Montezuma II did not allow Cortes to take any of their wealth.Back then it was important for most countries because they fought for money.The more money the more power the country has.A lot of expeditions are made for explorers to find

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