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Dona Beatriz Kimpa Vita is a Kongolese noblewoman of gumption who fought to end the Kingdom of Kongo’s civil war. It is important to state that Dona Beatriz, as well, used the claims of being possessed by the Spirit of Saint Anthony to instigate the reunification of the kingdom. The history of this Kongolese civil war is a tale embellished in blood, envy, and lust amongst families fighting for the throne of the kingdom. Although she were not a perfect vessel, Dona Beatriz acted as a symbol for the Kongolese people to coalesce. Founded within a religious context, Dona Beatriz’s proclamation of possessing the spirit of Saint Anthony attracted followers from all ranks of life and unified them behind her powerful and hopeful symbolism. From an…show more content…
Dating back to 1526, two centuries before Dona Beatriz, there are letters written by the royals of Kongo pleading for help from both the monarchs of Portugal and the Vatican. In 1526, Afonso I, the king of Kongo, wrote to the monarchs of Portugal requesting them to cease the abduction of Kongolese people “otherwise [they might not] remedy such an obvious damage”. The monarch did not request much other than the cessation of these abductions, a few priests and individuals to teach in schools. As well, the king requested both wine and flour for their holy sacrament. These requests at first may seem miniscule, but were made humbly to gain the support of a Christian superpower. Religion, as it is perceived within the primary readings, is something of power that trumps over all others. It appears as though whoever has the highest religious credentials are the ones with the most power. This concept of religion being used as an instrument was especially prevalent when the Kongolese Kings, Alvare II (1587-1614) and Alvare III (1614-1622), sought the help of the Vatican to help defend them from the Portuguese. This plea of desperation for help epitomized how religious entities were sought as the primary pieces of

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