Henry Viii Characteristics

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Henry VIII by Alison Weir New York Times Best Selling Author Alison Weir wrote a detailed account of the life of King Henry VIII in her biography Henry VIII. In this biography, Henry’s true colors are shown. Weir’s account of his life includes his many personalities and self struggles he had to overcome. Using the king’s characteristics and opinions his people had of him, Weir describes the ruler’s life in a way that can be seen from two points of view: Henry VIII the great king and Henry VIII the king of arrogance. “Love for the King is universal with all who see him, as His Highness does not seem a person of this world but one who descended from Heaven.” (Page24) Many of the peasants believed that Henry VIII was the greatest king that…show more content…
He wanted an annulment for his first marriage, but the Catholic Church would not permit this act. Henry persisted until he got his way and ended his marriage with the execution of his wife Katherine. He found himself in the same position with five other women and annulled those marriages as well. Weir does a nice job in portraying this series of events in the king’s life. While Henry was an arrogant man toward his wives, he also was arrogant in that he was a believer in the Divine Right Theory. He believed that his right to rule was strictly given to him by God. The king quickly let this “get to his head” and affected the way he ruled his people. Because of this God given right, Henry VIII required his servants and the people of his country to refer to him as “Your Majesty” instead of the former “Your Grace”. In her work, Weir provides a great amount of detail when describing Henry’s arrogance. Weir’s biography of King Henry provides many facts and details of his life. A helpful feature of her work was the inclusion of many images of King Henry and the most important people during his time on the throne. These pictures she chose to include help to give readers an
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