Similarities Between King Henry Viii

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King Henry VIII vs. King Louis XVI The lives of King Henry the VIII and King Louis the XVI are some of the most prominent figures in European history. They each have their own reasons for their notorious places, yet few realize the little similarities these two figures had. These similarities spread throughout the beginning of their lives but disappeared as each man found himself struggling with a different set of problems. King Henry the VIII was born in England on June 28, 1491. He took the throne at the age of eighteen, and married his brother Arthur’s widow Catherine of Aragon with a special license he acquired from the Pope of the Catholic Church. As the years went by King Henry continued to wait for his heir as Catherine only produce one child that survived infancy. A…show more content…
With this King Henry began having more than one mistress and fell in love with Anne Boleyn. With the decision in mind, he sent his minister to discuss a divorce or an annulment with Catherine of Aragon. When the Pope denied the request, Henry broke off from the Catholic Church and set up the Church of England. Then he married Anne Boleyn making her wife number two. She gave birth to a daughter name Elizabeth. However, the king’s revolving eye began to move once more and landed on Jane Seymore. Therefore, the King of England had false charges brought up against and leading to her execution by beheading with a sword. Jane gave birth to the long awaited heir that Henry wanted but died a later due to an infection. Wife number four was Anne of Cleves who Henry divorced after a few months. Followed by Kathrine Howard, a girl thirty years younger than Henry’s 49. Kathrine may have been

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