Explain Why The Armbands Should Not Be Banned From Schools

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In The Tinker V. Des Moines Case, Justice Abe Fortas and Justice Hugo black states there reason why the armbands should or should not be banned from schools. Justice Abe Fortas believes the armbands should not be prohibited. To prove his case, he provides evidence from other cases. “Pugsley V. Sellmeyer, it does not concern aggressive disruptive action or even group demonstrations”. He is saying that wearing the armbands doesn’t harm nor hurt anyone in…show more content…
Justice Abe Fortas is stating that things like bring out the truthfulness in our society and how they feel about our freedom of speech. “Burnside V. Byars, materially and substantially interfere with the requirements appropriate discipline in the operation of the schools,” the prohibition cannot be sustained. He is saying that the school discipline towards the armbands are aren’t appropriate and cannot be carried out. In Meyer V. Nebraska Mr. McReynolds expressed this nation’s repudiation of the principle that a state might so conduct in schools as to “homogenous people.” I think this evidence is provided to show you how Mr. McReynolds feels about the schools punishment and banishment of the armbands. “A student’s right therefore, do not embrace merely the classroom hours.” “When he is in the cafeteria or, on the playing field , or on the campus during the authorized hours, he may express his opinion, even on controversial subjects.” Mr. Justice Abe Fortas explains that the first

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