Comparison: Rugby Vs. American Football

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Rugby vs. American Football When talking about the two most brutal and hard hitting sports in the world. Rugby and and football come to mind, both sports leave you in suspense till the last second of the game. Although both sports and great to watch, when looking at the rules, action time and equipment used it becomes easy to understand which sport is more exceptional. The rules of an American football game are, each team has eleven players on the field, the game is started of with a kickoff where the teams line up opposite from each other. Both teams get three timeouts per game and unlimited substitutions. As there are lining up opposite from each other they can choose to have a pass or a run play. Each team has only four tries to get the ball ten yards. If they fail to do so the other team gets the ball. When one team succeeds to get ten yards they get a new set of four down to go another ten yards. The point is to carry the football past the opponent's end zone which results in a touchdown.…show more content…
The forward are huge and strong their job is to get possession of the ball. The backs are guys that are more agile and smaller than the forwards they run the ball after the forwards get possession of the ball. The game starts with a kick off and both team fight for possession of the ball. If one player has possession he can either pass it laterally or behind him. The player with possession can also try to kick it to his teammates. The opponents can tackle the ball carrier whenever they want but they are not allowed to headbutt, kick, or punch the ball carrier. If they happened to do so they will get penalized. Once the ball carrier is tackled they must release the ball so play can continue. The point is to cross the opposing team’s goal line and touch the ball of the ground which results in a

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