Parenting In Evava Jakobsdottir's A Story For Children

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According to David Bly “Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be.” In “A Story For Children” By Svava Jakobsdottir In the story “A Story For Children the mother was not being a good example to her children and so they were not the ideal children, they were very disrespectful to her. So in return she is not treated very well later in her life. Listening to bad advice led to her being a bad parent. Which also lead to her whole life being devoted to her disrespectful kids and not herself. As the mom continues to try disciplining her children, along the way she flipped though a “Dutch women magazine” which gave bad advice on parenting, and on of the columns said how there is this lady that has devoted everything to her children but in the end they did nothing and she wanted to know what to do and surprisingly at the end of that article is says “Do more for them.” Which shockingly is what the mom did. She kept giving more to her disrespectful…show more content…
She never said “no” because she thinks that listening to the magazine that gives bad advice will always fix things, but it didn’t and she still devoted all her life to her children and never found a solution. In the end it was all reflected on her, her children never visited her and never asked about her, that all reflects how her mom treated her and the chin continues and reaches the moms children and it will dreadfully continue because she was being a bad parent and listened to that magazine that said, even if they never visited or never cared “Do more for them” even if they never visited moms should devote all there lives to their children no mater what, and she read that magazine over and over and listened to that advice, and sometimes “she regretted having less and less time to

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